Eixua was born in Córdoba in 2019 with the challenge of designing and producing jewelry based on the forms of nature. Silver jewelry with its own seal, innovative and elegant. In Eixua we seek to design jewelry that makes you feel better, more at ease with yourself and with the image you offer the world. That’s why our designs are loader of strength, symmetry and balance. In our first collection, Orbital, we have been inspired by the atom, the basis of life and the universe. The atom represented in various shapes and textures. We present the first pieces of a collection that will be developed throughout 2020. Our Flor de la Vida collection was born with the idea of permanence. A design that evokes the origin of life, the symmetry that makes up the world around us. We are already working on new collections based on new concepts, which we hope will one day form part of your life.